About me

  • My name is Lorraine Chivers and I am the owner, designer, fabric-cutter, seller, tea-maker and everything else at Sea Parrot!

    (I've just seen a pod of dolphins)

  • I started Sea Parrot a few years ago after pursuing numerous careers including science teacher, gardener, garden designer, environmental consultant and most recently, research ornithologist. As a research ornithologist, I specialised in studying seabirds such as terns, guillemots, kittiwakes and penguins, but sadly not puffins! I felt privileged to be able to spend time in the presence of these amazing animals and on remote islands around the world, and I have some very interesting stories to tell. However, I have always yearned for a creative career and so decided to try fabric designing.

  • I have been a crafter and craft-lover all my life but in particular, I adore patchwork. Therefore, it was natural for me to design patchwork fabrics and inevitable that my designs would be influenced by my fascination, love and experience of nature.

  • I design at my home in rural Gloucestershire which is sandwiched between an ancient woodland and a limestone meadow. Inspiration for my designs is literally on my doorstep.

  • When designing my fabrics, I call upon my thorough understanding of animals and plants, and deep passion for nature, to try to capture the essence of my subjects in an appealing, simple and modern style. I hope you enjoy creating with them!