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Projects made by me and my creative customers

A BIG thank you to all my customers for their photos.

I love seeing all your great ideas and I'm sure everyone else will too!

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  • Made by @angiesbags

  • Made by @angiesbags

  • Made by Ruth Honeybone

  • Made by Steph @nettynot

  • Made by Jill Westbrook

  • Made by Jenny Horton

  • Made by Jenny Horton

  • Made by Jenny Horton

  • Made by Sheila George

  • Made by Becky Bateson using foundation piecing. The design is 'Storm at Sea'.

  • Made by Helen Carr

  • Made by Sarah Marten

  • Made by Sheila George

  • Made by Pat Millington

  • Made by Claire Lock

  • Made by Penny Netting

  • Made by Suzanne Hutchin

  • Made by Holly Robathan

  • Made by Christine Hutchinson

  • Made by #lynnsewsinwales

  • Made by Sheila Williams and modelled by helpful hubby

  • Made by Sue Grist

  • Made by Sarah Senior

  • Made by Chris Hepburn

    • Made by Barbara Kennedy and modelled by her 94 year old mother.

    • Made by Rosie F.

    • Made by Ruth Honeybone

    • I used hexies with sides of 1 1/2 inches for this one. Most of the others are made with hexies that have sides of 1 1/4 inch.

    • Terrible photo! Sorry.

    • Made by Sue Bennett

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    • Crazy patchwork kimono jacket - back

    • Crazy patchwork kimono jacket - front

    • Made by Sue Thomas

    • Made by Heather Fowler.

    • Made by Kate Webber Designs

    • Made by Janestitch

    • Made by Jane Ashe

    • Made by Kez Sandford

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    • Made by @angiesbags

    • Made by Gillian Cowap